Australian Government Natural Heritage Trust

This was our first funding source and remains our major funding body.
In 1996 the Australian Government made grants available to community groups for conservation and revegetation projects under its Natural Heritage Trust initiative.

We started revegetating Blackfellows Creek and Skeleton Creek at Edmonton that year beginning at the Bruce Highway and working towards the Isley Hills and Whitfield State Forest, recreating the vegetation corridor along both sides of the creeks.


funding 1
Blackfellows Creek,
Orchid Glen March 2005. (Almost to the Isley Hills)

All the riparian vegetation works on the southern side of Cairns have been funded under the Natural Heritage Trust (NHT) grants through Envirofund except for the 2006/2007 works which were still NHT but called Community Water Grants. These grants fund the cost of trees, fertilizer, herbicides, rain saver crystals, site preparation such as ripping of sites or digging of holes where this is possible.
Technical advice receives a small budget sometimes and is used to survey new sites usually by a botanist or ecologist.
Signage is an important item. We have direction signs to field day activities and signs marking projects we have completed acknowledging funding received.
We have funds for holding field days, educational activities such as Weed Identification courses, Plant Identification, propagation and seed collection courses etc
All our sites are monitored for at least the first five years and we receive funding in our grants to photograph them, write reports, produce newsletters and produce promotional materials on all our activities. This website is supported by these Australian Government grants.
A small part of each grant (15%) is available for administration, coordination and management. From the beginning to 2007 Natural Heritage Trust Grants under Envirofund used to be a maximum of $30,000.00 each. In 2008 name changes for this same source of funding began and we had Community Water Grants up to $50,000 Followed by Caring for Country Community Coastcare back to $30,000 each in 2009, 2010 and 2011 saw the same funding source called Caring for Country, Community Action Grants and the maximum was $20,000 each. A section of Blackfellows Creek, Edmonton and Clinton Creek, part of the Moon Creek corridor received these grants in 2010. The 2011 projects currently in progress and due for completion July 2012 are on Crowley Creek, Edmonton and Avondale Creek, Smithfield.”

There is no funding for purchase of equipment, its running costs or maintenance.  Vehicle costs and wages are also unavailable. All the on-ground work is done by volunteers on many projects. Only in areas where there are no residents nearby to help, where there is no resident support (houses not owner occupied mostly) or where the site is unsuitable for public participation is a paid casual groundworks manager employed. This is achieved through a Devolved grant from Terrain Natural Resource Management (NRM), the regional NRM body.

Our earliest funding for projects on the north side of Cairns started with an NHT Commonwealth Endangered Species Program grant of $63,000.00 for the North Queensland Land for Wildlife Project at Cattana Wetland in 1999. This site has received further funding from Envirofund and in 2006 from NHT Community Water Grants to repair cyclone damage.

funding 2
July 2002 Planting continues.
2008 Sign stolen (twice). Post still there
A new sign has been made acknowledging
the three funding sources.

In 2007 we received funding for Deadmans Gully at Clifton Beach from Envirofund and in 2008 Coastcare funding for McKinnon Creek, Edmonton.