Gambling Community Benefit Fund (GCBF).

All our tools, wheelbarrows and other essential equipment  as well as our first computer were purchased with funds from this source. A major purchase from this source occurred in 2003 when we received $30,000.00 from Bluewater Developers which was boosted with $20,000 from GCBF enabling us to purchase our own vehicle.  A trailer followed soon after. This contribution from GCBF made a huge contribution to our ability to engage the community in revegetation activities.

There has been a huge increase in residents wanting to manage their own sites over the years so communication has become vitally important and monitoring more difficult. We have been able to implement a new searchable monitoring program thanks to a grant from GCBF, in 2008, for two new computers to replace our ageing main computer.

In the absence of funding for equipment from any other source the funding from The Gambling Community Benefit Fund and the Reef Hotel Casino are vital to our being able to support over 400 individuals to carryout revegetation activities on the site of their choice, usually directly behind their own homes or nearby.

Since January 2010 we have also hosted teams of young people, 18 to 24 year olds, in the National Green Jobs programme for Direct Employment Services. This has required more tools and equipment for them to use in carrying out the practical part of their programme which leads to Level 2 Horticulture Certificate. With two cyclones only five years apart we needed to increase our holding of chainsaws from one as volunteers able to use them went to the aid of other volunteers needing fallen and damaged trees rendered safe. We had one chainsaw donated.


The Reef Hotel Casino has also been a constant supporter of our activities with grants for computers, tools and equipment. With good brush cutters costing close to $1000.00 each it would be very difficult for us to support community initiated revegetation activities such as the one below without this funding. With big pieces of equipment we can and do have signage attached, but the multitude of small items are much harder to identify with the funding they were obtained from so the general public may know. Our newsletters and reports reach most people engaged in our activities or interested in what we are doing. Local papers cover the initial grant but the on-going benefit from these equipment grants can best be seen in the outcomes of the activities they make possible.


Before 25 March 2007
Degraded gully Skeleton Creek. Verbena Drive, Edmonton
After  March 2008
Restored by Dick and Amanda

In July 2008 we received funding from the Reef Hotel Casino Community Benefit Fund for a chainsaw and drill to help with removing Tulip trees, Pond Apple, Leucaena and other pest trees from our sites. A large toolbox to attach to the trailer and Mud Guard boxes for the Toyota Landcruiser. The latter will relieve the chaos behind the seat of the vehicle where all manner of things used frequently such as a club hammer, ropes, insect repellant to name but a few are kept.