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Landcare Community Revegetation Unit

This was founded in 2004 to respond to the increasing requests by residents of newly developing areas for suitable plants to grow on creeks behind their properties. Up to this point projects had been planned by the Committee and carried out at rostered Tree Planting and maintenance days from a 5 year plan for each creek. Residents came to these field days from far and wide but after the initial planting rarely saw the results of their contribution or helped with the maintenance of the plantings.
This unit began to encourage residents living on creeks to revegetate the section of creek behind their own homes where ever they happened to be living. This was a major departure from discrete sites all close together so we could manage the maintenance. The Revegetation Unit provides a central place for residents to obtain the right plants for their creek. Many more native indigenous plants were added to the species list by people interested in collecting seed, propagating and caring for nursery stock. Our earlier plant identification and propagation workshops paid off in this initiative. The unit is operated by community volunteers who ring around those interested in nursery work and get together for socialization and to share their interest.

1st March 2007 Fosters Group funds the Revegetation Unit.
Shaun Smith from Fosters presents the cheque
to YvonneNicoll and David O’Donoghue

Volunteers went to work immediately

One volunteer took a week of his holidays to set up all the benches, a shade house, potting mix bay and a wind break. The Unit is completely community funded and is operated by volunteers. We are able to support community initiatives to keep residents engaged until their project can be worked up for funding submission.
reveg3 reveg4

Some of our volunteers have been with us from the very beginning of Cairns Urban Landcare such as Bob Brown pictured here. Others have joined in more recent years and have built on those early plantings, widening them and increasing the biodiversity of plant species.


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